Photos of Trees Shaped to Improve a View

While trees are lovely to look at, they lose some appeal when they grow wide or tall enough to block a beautiful view or your satellite dish reception. We may be able to “window” your trees – so you can keep your trees and your beautiful view of Mt. Rainier.

Take a look at these examples, then contact us for a professional evaluation of your tree situation. We guarantee you will be better informed about the options for tree conservation and still enjoy the view you want.

Improved their View of the Tacoma Narrows

With careful pruning, we strategically removed limbs to improve the view of the Tacoma Narrows while preserving the structural integrity and health of the trees.

Knowledgeable Tree Care Professionals You Can Rely On

Thundering Oak’s tree care specialists have the knowledge, experience, equipment, and insurance to keep your trees and shrubs healthy, beautiful and enjoyable.

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