Tree-Related Consulting

Getting an accurate assessment of your tree-related situation by a certified arborist is the first step to correctly resolving a potentially hazardous tree situation. Your certified arborists at Thundering Oak Tree Care understand the unique needs of homeowners, property managers, developers, government agencies, and others responsible for trees.

One of our certified arborists will evaluate your tree-related situation during an on-site assessment. Understanding tree biology, tree species, and conditions in south King County and Pierce County is essential to assess your tree’s condition accurately. After completing their assessment, the arborist will review their finding with you along with recommended courses of action and an estimate. Our tree professionals strive to meet or exceed your expectations.

Assessment of the Condition of Your Trees

Pierce County and South King County storms and construction processes can devastate surrounding trees and shrubs if they are not protected. Trees can often be saved when tree damage is dealt with promptly and correctly. Unfortunately, help is often sought too late. If you have trees affected by a recent storm or construction, contact us promptly to arrange a consultation with one of our certified arborists.

Damage left untreated can weaken a tree and limit its ability to recover from the damage.

Solutions for Diseased or Insect Infested Trees

Sometimes trees become infested with insects or a debilitating disease. A professional arborist is best equipped to make recommendations on these infestations, including treatment and, if necessary, removal of the affected trees. Disease or insect infestation left untreated can weaken a tree and limit its ability to recover.

Hazard Tree Evaluation

A hazard tree evaluation provides you with specific steps to mitigate further damage. Often we can prevent loss to your trees and landscape shrubs. In some cases, tree failure is unavoidable, so we focus on reducing or eliminating damage to surrounding trees or structures. If you have already suffered a casualty loss due to the failure of a tree (or trees), we can make recommendations to minimize your financial loss and provide information you can use in your insurance claim.

Contact us today to schedule an on-site consultation with a certified arborist. You’ll get the facts you need to clearly understand your tree-related situation, plus recommendations for resolving issues.

Storms and construction can be devastating to surrounding trees