Evergreen Trees Thinned

Are your beautiful evergreen trees making a mess with their needles and pitch? Do you have thin, patchy grass and spindly shrubs living in their shadow? Are you worried about dead branches in your evergreen falling on your house, vehicles, or loved ones? We have solutions that will make you happy and keep your evergreen trees happy and healthy.

Evergreen Tree Thinned

This beautiful evergreen tree in Tacoma, Washington, is very near the house and regularly dropped tree pitch on the homeowner’s cars. A nearly steady stream of needles fell from the tree year-round. The tree was too dense, considering how close it was growing to the house. It also filtered out nearly all sunlight preventing the grass from growing underneath.

We thinned the tree’s crown, removed dead branches, and thinned several branches. As a result, the falling tree pitch declined, the nearly constant stream of falling dead needles slowed to a trickle, and sunlight streaming through the branches revived the lawn below.

Pine Tree Thinned and Dead Wood Removed

This large pine tree that once dominated this Kent, Washington yard now frames the front garden and lets more light into the rest of the yard. The grass and landscaping perked up and filled in. The removal of deadwood in the tree reduced the hazards of injury or damage from falling limbs.

Knowledgeable Tree Care Professionals You Can Rely On

You can relax when you call Thundering Oak’s tree care specialists. We have the knowledge, experience, equipment, and insurance to keep your trees and shrubs healthy, beautiful and enjoyable.

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