Landscape Services for Trees and Shrubs

Establish, Maintain or Restore the Beauty of Your Yard

Enjoy four seasons of beautiful trees and shrubs in your yard without fuss or worry with help from the certified arborists and experienced tree care specialists at Thundering Oak Tree Care.

Is your yard is a “blank slate?” We can recommend and plant new trees and shrubs you will enjoy that fit the size and features of your yard. Considerations include flowering preferences, sunlight, soil type, drainage, wind, whether you want to frame a view or make your trees and shrubs the focal point, the amount of maintenance, etc.

If your yard is overgrown or needs a facelift, our tree and shrub care specialists can prune and maintain your trees and shrubs to beautify your yard.

Certified arborists and tree care specialists understand tree biology. Tree species differ in the diseases they are susceptible to, their growth habits, how they respond to pruning and trimming; entrust your trees and shrubs only to qualified tree care professionals.


Flowering Shrubs

Contact us to prune spring-flowering shrubs during the month following the end of their blooming cycle. Pruning at the correct time stimulates your shrubs to put out new growth during the current growth year and set flower buds at the end of the season for a beautiful show next year.

Are Hedges Taking over Your Driveway, Sidewalk, or Lawn?

Some hedges can be radically renovated so that they fit into their original space again. Others are best if trimmed lightly but more often. Our tree and shrub pruning specialists know which is which and will recommend the correct treatment for your hedges.

Japanese Maples that Look like Pac-Man instead of Trees

If your Japanese maple looks more like a big mound of red or green leaves than a tree, it’s time to call our tree care specialists! With expert pruning, you can enjoy the beautiful trunk and branch structure for which these trees are famous. See Japanese maple tree “before and after” photos.

Ornamental Pines

Several pruning styles are available, from simple dead branch removal to crown thinning to complete bonsai-style specimen pruning. See “before and after” photos.

Rhododendrons Blocking Windows or Growing Together

Rhododendrons thrive in Pierce and South King County growing conditions! How big is too big? Our tree and shrub pruning specialists can safely renovate your rhododendrons to 30 – 40% of their current size while retaining their natural beauty and form. May to July is the best time to prune rhododendrons – during or after blooming. Correct pruning allows your rhododendrons to grow during the current year and set flower buds for a beautiful show next year.

Roots Threatening Driveways, Foundations, and Sidewalks

We have several services to solve tree root encroachment, including tree root pruning and tree root removal. We can also install protective barriers to prevent tree roots from growing back.


With proper pruning, you can enjoy beautiful roses for months! Yes, we prune roses, generally around President’s Day. If your climbing rose has climbed up, up, and away, we can renovate that, too!

Lawns, Flowers, Weeding, Bark, and More

For lawns, flowers, bulbs, weeding, bark spreading, landscape design, rockeries, ponds, etc., we can recommend landscape designers or lawn maintenance services with excellent skills and years of experience.

Enjoy Four Seasons of Beautiful Trees and Shrubs in Your Yard

Our tree care specialists are happy to provide annual maintenance for your trees and shrubs. Or, if you would enjoy doing the annual pruning and maintenance for your trees and shrubs, we’ll show you the proper care for each.

Contact us today to schedule tree care services, 253-288-8733.

Popular Landscaping Services

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  • Hedges
  • Japanese Maple Pruning
  • Ornamental Pine Pruning
  • Rhododendrons
  • Root Pruning
  • Roses

Enjoy four seasons of beautiful trees and shrubs in your yard.