Ash Tree Damaged in Winter Storm - Auburn, WA

Tree Pruning, Tree Thinning, and Other Tree Care Services

When your trees need pruning, shaping, crown cleaning, or you have concerns, trust our certified and experienced tree care specialists. An arborist or specialist will visit your property to discuss your ideas or concerns, review your trees, then discuss recommendations.

We specialize in helping you keep your trees safe, healthy, and beautiful. Have storm-damaged trees? Learn more about our storm-damaged tree services.

Tree Pruning and Tree Thinning

The primary reasons for tree pruning and thinning include:

  • Remove dead branches
  • Remove crowded or rubbing limbs
  • Eliminate hazards
  • Improve sunlight and air movement through the tree

When your trees need pruning, shaping, or you have concerns, you can trust our certified and experienced tree care specialists. Tree pruning and thinning can enhance the beauty and economic value of your landscaping.

Ornamental Trees Pruned to Complement Your Landscaping

Without professional pruning, ornamental trees lose their shape. Pruning these Austrian pine trees in a bonsai style transformed them into a unique feature in this home’s landscaping

Opening Windows through Trees for a View

Trees that have grown to a height and breadth that obscure a desirable view can be saved. If your view obstruction involves installing a satellite dish, or a beautiful view of Mt. Rainier, we may be able to ‘window’ your tree. Call us for a professional evaluation of your tree situation. We guarantee you will be better informed about the options for tree conservation and still enjoy the view you want.

Crown Cleaning and Raising

Crown cleaning means removing dead, dying, diseased, crowded, weakly attached, and low-vigor branches from the crown of a tree. Removing water sprouts is often included in crown cleaning.

Tree Topping and Tree-Healthy Alternatives

Do you have a tree that has become too large for its location? Are you concerned that your tall tree may fail or fall? Tree topping, cutting off the top of a tree to stubs or smaller limbs, is commonly practiced. However, tree topping is a harmful practice that injures trees and will make a healthy tree more hazardous over time. After evaluating your tree, we will recommend solutions that address your concerns and promote the health of your tree. Learn more about tree topping.

Contact us to schedule a tree specialist for an onsite evaluation for tree pruning, tree thinning, crown cleaning, and other tree services.