Tree-Related Legal Matters

The Facts and Expertise You Need to Resolve Tree-Related Legal Matters

Disputes often arise over damage involving trees and shrubs. Common causes of damage that lead to disputes or legal issues include:

  • Traffic accidents which damage trees or shrubs
  • Windstorms which cause trees to damage adjacent property
  • Vandalism to trees

Our certified arborists are available to help you with your tree-related legal matters.

Tree Value Appraisal

Tree value appraisals are typically used for insurance purposes (in cases of loss), for court testimony, or for tax deductions.

What are your trees worth? While most of us appreciate the beauty of trees and plants, you need to know the dollar value of those trees and plants when it comes to resolving a dispute related to tree damage. We follow current industry guidelines for establishing tree and shrub values.

The four factors in professional evaluation are

  • Tree size
  • Tree type
  • Condition of the tree or shrub
  • Tree or shrub location

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Expert Witness for All Situations

Our certified arborist is equipped to assist your legal counsel in defense or prosecution of a lawsuit. Services include professional evaluation of the damage situation, and testimony in court, if necessary, to establish your legal rights and objectives.

We are current on the most common tree and shrub value appraisal methods.

Court, Arbitration or Deposition of Witness Service

Our certified arborists have experience working with legal counsel to provide the expert services you need to resolve your tree-related legal matter.

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Expert information to help you resolve a tree-related legal matter.