Ash Tree Damaged in Winter Storm - Auburn, WA

Tree and Stump Removal

Tree Removal

Do you need one or more trees removed from your yard? Our tree care teams can safely remove trees and their stumps to leave your yard clean and tidy.

Do you have trees that

  • Outgrew your yard
  • Pose a danger to people or property
  • Require too much maintenance
  • No longer fit with your landscaping
  • Are damaged or diseased

Tree removal can be dangerous and challenging work. Our certified arborists and tree technicians have the training, professional equipment, and experience to remove trees safely, even in close quarters. You can relax knowing our experienced tree removal teams use the proper techniques, technical rigging, and safety practices to ensure we remove your trees safely. Tree are usually large and heavy and often planted near things you hold dear – your home, cars, and landscaping. In the unlikely event of damage, our insurance will make the situation whole.

With our industry experience, we can assist you in marketing saleable logs.

Cutting Down a Large Tree

Firewood, Chipping, and Recycling Wood and Branches

Cutting down one or more trees or large shrubs can produce a sizeable amount of wood. We will tidy up the area and make it easy for you to use the wood, or we can haul it away.

We can cut large pieces for firewood and chip the rest. We use the most modern and powerful tree recycling equipment available to turn your tree trimmings into chips suitable for mulch or disposal. Our tree chippers can recycle shrubs and trees up to roughly seven feet in diameter.

You can use the chips for landscaping mulch. If you don’t want to keep your tree’s wood or chips, we can recycle them.

Stump Removal

When a tree is cut down, there will be a stump. We provide three stump options:

  • Cut the tree stump level with the ground and leave it to deteriorate naturally
  • Stump grinding to turn your tree stump into compost; you can keep the chips to use as landscape mulch, or we can remove and recycle them
  • Pull the stump out

Many property owners choose stump grinding. Using a heavy-duty stump grinder, the trained operator above removed six large tree stumps in less than three hours. Grinding tree stumps beautifies landscaping, removes the tree stump hazards, and makes it easy to put in fresh landscaping.

When it comes to stump removal, the best option often depends on what you plan to do with the area after removing the tree(s) and shrubs. If you plan to dig or plant where the tree was, stump grinding is a popular choice. Talk with our tree specialist about your plans; they will be happy to make recommendations.

Contact us today to talk with one of our tree care specialists about your tree concerns.