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Tree Services

Entrust Your Trees to Certified Arborists and Experienced Tree Specialists
You can count on our certified arborists and tree care specialists to help keep your trees safe, healthy and beautiful. If your trees have been damaged, especially storm damage, our team of tree-specialists will assess the damage to your trees and discuss practical recommendations (including costs) with you so you can make an informed decision.


Tree Services include:

Storm Damaged Tree Repairs

Storms are common in Pierce County and south King County and inevitably damage our trees. In the aftermath of a major storm, tree services are inundated with pleas for help in cleaning up the damage. We pledge to respond to your problems as soon as humanly possible, in the order that each call for help is received. If you have unusual circumstances, we have real people in charge of allocating resources, so let us know your circumstances. While others may march through neighborhoods grinding up brush and removing other 'dangerous' trees, we pride ourselves on our ability to upright, repair and salvage numerous trees that otherwise might be lost.


Tree Pruning and Tree Thinning

The primary reasons for tree pruning include removing dead branches, removing crowded or rubbing limbs, eliminating hazards, and improving sunlight and air movement through the tree. When tree pruning is done properly, with an understanding of tree biology, pruning can maintain or improve tree health and improve tree structure. Tree pruning and thinning can also enhance the beauty and economic value of your landscaping. Learn more about tree pruning.

Tree Topping and Tree-Healthy Alternatives
Do you have a tree that has become too large for its location? Are you concerned that your tall tree may fail or fall? Tree topping, cutting off the top of a tree to stubs or smaller limbs, is commonly practiced. However, tree topping is a harmful practice that injures trees and will make a healthy tree more hazardous over time. After evaluating your tree we will recommend solutions that address your concerns and promote the health of your tree. Learn more about tree topping.

Crown Cleaning and Raising
Crown cleaning is the removal of dead, dying, diseased, crowded, weakly attached and low-vigor branches from the crown of a tree. Removal of water sprouts is often included in crown cleaning.

Furnish and Plant New Trees
Ideally, every tree should be planted according to an overall landscape plan for your property. This plan would take into account what effect you want the trees to have in the landscape, the trees size at maturity, and each tree's maintenance requirements. Generally, shrubs and trees should be placed so they can develop freely, without crowding each other, and without crowding nearby primary structures, utility lines or outbuildings. Our certified arborists will provide answers to your questions regarding the specific varieties of trees you are considering. We will recommend trees that suite your goals and the conditions in your yard including the space available, the amount of shade or sun, drainage (how wet or dry the soil is), and your preferences regarding flowering, interesting leaves, fruit, amount of ongoing maintenance, etc.


Opening Windows through Trees for a View
Trees that have grown to a height and breadth that obscure a desirable view can be saved. If your view obstruction involves installing a satellite dish, or a wonderful view of Mt. Rainier, we may be able to 'window' your tree. Call us for a professional evaluation of your tree situation. We guarantee you will be better informed about the options for tree conservation, and still enjoy the view you want.

Tree Removal
Tree removal can be difficult and dangerous work. Our certified arborists and tree technicians have the training, professional equipment, and experience to remove trees safely even in close quarters. Our experienced tree removal teams use the proper tree removal techniques, technical rigging and safety practices to ensure a successful job. You can rest assured knowing that we are fully bonded to protect you.


With our industry experience we can assist you in marketing saleable logs.

Chip and Recycle Limbs
If your tree wood is not needed for firewood or other uses we can chip and recycle your tree pieces. Using the most modern and powerful tree recycling equipment available, your tree trimmings are converted to chips suitable for mulch or disposal. Our tree chippers can recycle shrubs and trees as large as medium tree trunk (roughly six - eight feet in diameter).

Stump Removal (Grinding)
After a tree is cut down a stump remains.  If you prefer we will cut the tree stump even with the ground and leave it to deteriorate naturally. Or, have specialized equipment to grind your tree stump into compost. Your adjacent buildings or landscaping will be protected from damage as we grind the tree stump to chips. If you prefer, we can remove the chips from your property – leaving little trace of the tree stump.

Making Tree Care Easy and Worry-Free
Contact us today to schedule tree care services, 253-288-8733. The Thundering Oak team of tree care specialists has the knowledge, experience, equipment and insurance to keep your trees healthy, beautiful and enjoyable.

Able to upright, repair and salvage numerous storm-damaged trees that otherwise might be lost.

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